Friday 28 June 2013

18 of 20 Customers

18 of 20 Customers

Customers keep the business in business, they matter.

I am currently having difficulties with my internet connection, the company is Australian, the country I live in. But when I have a problem I must call them, they have both offices and shops but they will not/ cannot help. I must call the Philippines, the people I speak to are nice and they try their best to help but it is really a problem they cannot fix. The real problem is that the company doesn't see me or my problem as important. I see this over and over again, the procedures of the company or Government department is more important than dealing with me. I am a number not a person, I am an annoying problem to them instead of being the reason they exist.

This is not a the customer is always right tirade, as that is simply not true. But without my support and lets face it money, how does this company survive? Without customers businesses die. A Conservative company protects it's customers, as they are what will provide it with a future.

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