Thursday 23 December 2021

Why Do We Have to Fight?

On another article Politics is not beneath us, I received a long and thoughtful comment from ScotchedEarth who basically asked. 

Why do we have to fight? 

Why can't we just be left alone? 

Isn't too much politics the problem with the world as it is today?

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We have all heard the phrase 'nature abhors a vacuum', it is also true in politics. When the Right retreats the Left fills that vacuum. Which means that every time we say I don't want to be involved in this issue, the Left wins. Which in turn means that our lives become less free, because we are increasingly living in their world, the world they built because they turned up.

It is also true that the future belongs to the people who turn up, which is normally said to encourage people to have families. However it also means that it belongs to those who are prepared to fight for it. If you want to keep the park at the end of your street but you never support the people who also want that, you shouldn't be surprised when they start building houses on the site of that former park.

We have reached a stage in Liberalism were it has turned it's back on some of it's older ideas. Ideas like personal liberty and autonomy. Now it believes that we all must believe the same things that they do. To be fair they have always believed that, but in the past they also believed that in time everyone would agree with them. Now they have accepted that not everyone will agree with them, which means that they now need to enforce conformity, either by telling people what to believe or through fear. 

The days when you could live a life with little to no interference from politics are over. Even if you submit you will still never escape their politics. Because they believe that they are near the end of their political objectives, they believe that not only are they winning but that they have won...for all time. But silly people keep getting in the way, people like you and I, people who aren't onboard with their ideas. Which means that they cannot let us rest, they must destroy the last opposition to their plans, the only small resistance to their final victory.

However that isn't true, it is what they believe, but it isn't true.

The truth is that they are fighting a war against reality, people are not equal, men and women are not interchangeable, men and women cannot change into the other. They are not on the verge of victory.

That does not mean that they are going to stop, or that they cannot still gain smaller victories, they can and they will. 

So to answer the first two questions, we fight because we are under attack and because they will not leave us alone.

But your final question needs it's own answer. Too much politics is a major problem today, it affects everyone and everything and it would be better if that was not the case, but it is. Which means that if the enemy has tanks then we need tanks, if they have planes then we need planes. Whatever weapon the enemy has we need to be able to fight it. Not fighting gives our enemies an automatic victory.

Aren't you sick of them winning?

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  1. The Left wishes to force its way of life on the world. The Right would like to be left alone. That's why the Right keeps losing.