Thursday, 22 January 2015

Why Blaming the Jews is Wrong

While I have always been a Conservative I have never been partial to the idea that everything can be blamed on the Jews. It has never made any sense to me and the more I look at it the more in opposition I am to the idea.

The idea is that Jews are responsible for much, if not most Liberal and Communist ideas as well as  predatory Capitalism. That without the Jews, the rest of us wouldn't have so much to worry about. And behind all of these ideas is the biggy, that it's all a Conspiracy for Jewish control of the world. Not everyone who blames the Jews believes in the Conspiracy, but far too many do.

But just as Anti Racism is at heart about whites being superior and not about other races, so is the idea that the Jews are to blame for everything a perverse idea that Jews are superior. Those who criticize Jews are in reality saying they are so brilliant that there is no defence against them. They're so clever and devilish how can we fight them, they ask themselves.

The reality is that this is simple thinking and our problems are not simple. If only it was all the fault of the Jews we could do something about it. The thing I object to the most is it gives a free ride to those whites, Christians and Atheists who have done most of the damage. That damage wasn't done by any "other", it was done by our own people against their own people. Because unless you believe that the Jews are so clever that they can put words into other peoples mouths, it remains the fact that the Jews have never had the numbers in any country, excepting Israel of course, to implement any policy on anything. That some Jews are pure poison simply shows that Jews are Westerners, because the poison that we see all around us wasn't imported, its homegrown. Liberalism, Multiculturalism, the Homosexualist Agenda, Feminism, Political Correctness, all grown in the West.

Lets fight the real enemies!

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  1. The reason I don't buy the whole Global Jewish Conspiracy thing is that Jews so often do things that are clearly against their own interests. Like consistently voting for political parties that favour multi-culturalism even though they have more to lose than anyone from the Islamisation of the west.

    Sadly it seems that Jews are on average no smarter than white people. At least of the French Jews seem finally to be starting to wake up to the fact that they (like the French) have cut their own throats. In fact some are even voting for the FN.

    The problem with Jews in places like the US is that they're mostly middle-class urbanites and just like white middle-class urbanites they have totally lost touch with reality. The Israelis on the other hand are simply not in a position to close their eyes to reality.

    1. I suggest reading the "Bell Curve" by Charles Murray, most Jews in the West (Asheknazi) do have higher IQs on average. The trend isn't as much in Eastern (Sephardi) Jews.

      While I generally agree that multikult isn't in their interests now, it was in the 1960s and prior. The House sponsor of the 1965 Immigration Act, was Emanuel Cellar of Brooklyn, a Jewish Democrat. The existence of Sheldon Adelson further doesn't help matters.

      A revitalization of Christianity is a bigger drawer of potential converts from Judaism, which results in shunning. You see this in certain Dispensationist groups in the US, though they are called "Christian Zionists", most Jews don't like them and consider their view of the "Rapture" to be barley concealed desire for genocide.

      Active traditions of differing types, don't get along well, that's why we are supposed to have different nations. That's why I support Israel, and additionally support the creation of an Arab Christian state.

    2. You can have a very high IQ and still have no common sense and no sense of self-preservation.

      I support Israel as well. They have the guts to defend their country and their way of life and I respect that. They have not succumbed to western death cult thinking, although there are liberal Jews even in Israel who are infected with suicidal death cultism.

      I'd have no problems with an Arab Christian state either.

  2. Thank you for bringing this up.

    I think the the whole concept of 'blame the jews' is born from confusion . People do not usually think that the jews are not a homogenous group and there are the nation of Israel, the people of Israel and the land of Israel, and many value blood over ethics.

    Zahal (Israeli Defence Forces) is strong against modern armies, but in guerilla war it is weak because the enemy comes amongst us, including liberal politicians.