Thursday 9 December 2021

Politics Is Not Beneath Us!

Here is a problem that I see over and over again on the Right. A problem that goes back as far as there has been a Right. That if we mind our own business and stay out of other peoples way then they will leave us alone. I see this at every level of politics, from philosophy to international relations. But is it true?

No it's not, and the reason that it's not true is because it can't be.

Everybody has interests, things that concern them, things that they believe will advance them. For conflict to occur all that needs to happen is for those interests to overlap. It is true that there are many more rumours of war then there are wars. The potential is there in all conflicts of interest for it to end peacefully, but that is not the only possible outcome.

It is very disheartening to see how ready those on the Right are to stop fighting. There is an idea that politics, in all it's forms, is beneath us and that the only reason we fight is because we have been forced to. That is a pitiful attitude. We are not warriors who seek out battle, who are willing to suffer pain and sacrifice. Often we are not even ready to suffer inconvenience. When you look around at the world today and wonder how things got so crazy, a big part of the answer is that we so often consider politics as beneath us.

Our enemies don't feel that way, they love the fight, they love upsetting us, they love destroying the things we love. They do not consider politics beneath them at all and that is why they control all of the institutions. Because they love political fighting and we consider it beneath us.

I see the same in international affairs, if we leave the world alone then it will leave us alone. I hear people, not just on the Right, who say that if some other country is in trouble then we shouldn't fix their problems. But when we are in trouble it's assumed that everyone should be willing to fix ours. But to be in a position whereby other countries care about your troubles, you have to be paying attention to theirs. 

Further if we have to fight I'd much rather we did that fighting in someone else's country. 

Another thing that concerns me is how little the Right seems to understand it's own people. Whites, for better and for worse, are empathetic, we are interested in other people. That's one of the reasons that we came to rule the world and why our civilization is now the worlds civilization. We try to understand people, to see the world from their perspective, that allows us to trade, to negotiate and to defeat them in battle. On the flip side it has lead to the multiracial society that is now destroying us. It seems that we understand other people better then we understand our own.

That understanding means that we care what happens to other people in other places, it means that we are busy bodies and we need to understand that about our own people. 

Our objective should not be to live a peaceful life, our aim should always be to support what is important to us. Politics at every level is life, it's real and it's important. We ignore it at our peril and it's showing.

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  1. [#1 of 2] Usually I’m at least in the same section of library as you if not on the same page but possibly I’ve misunderstood this post.

    You write that ‘[t]here is an idea that politics … is beneath us and that the only reason we fight is because we have been forced to.’ Certainly, the only way to defeat coviditarianism is if enough people step up and take it as far as it needs to—to risk everything, even to win nothing (riffing off the 300 line). However, imo, Late Stage Western Democracy can be criticised precisely because of its politicisation of so much of daily life. A man should wish to work, raise a family, have a laugh along the way, defend family and community when necessary but enjoy his dotage preferably, and otherwise hearken to the counsels of Matt. 22:21(*) & 1 Pet.2:17(†))—not obsess over politics. That today’s society with its ever-expanding (flawed) legislation, (inefficient) regulation and (punitive) taxation forces us to so obsess is testament to its grossly dysfunctional nature; and that was before coviditarianism went to 11 then right off the scale.
    (* ‘…Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.’)
    († ‘…Fear God. Honour the king.’)

    As the venerable Chesterton wrote:
    An honest man falls in love with an honest woman; he wishes, therefore, to marry her, to be the father of her children, to secure her and himself. All systems of government should be tested by whether he can do this. If any system, feudal, servile, or barbaric, does, in fact, give him so large a cabbage-field that he can do it, there is the essence of liberty and justice. If any system, Republican, mercantile, or Eugenist, does, in fact, give him so small a salary that he can’t do it, there is the essence of eternal tyranny and shame.
    (‘A Nightmare of Nonsense’, The Illustrated London News, 25 Mar 1911)

    Or, to quote a line I’m fond of from 2020’s The Hunt, Crystal replying to Don’s ‘You don’t care why they’re doing this to us?’: ‘They’re trying to kill me, I don’t give a s**t why.’ People like that, the blue-collar working class, the ‘salt of the earth’, the ‘backbone of this country … the heart and soul’, are uninterested in, say (to allude to ideas common amongst the Alt Right), conspiracy theories about how FDR provoked this or Winston ‘influenced’ that, nor how every country is entitled to aggressively pursue foreign policy objectives apart from Anglo countries who, apparently, must prostrate themselves before all others. They just want to be left alone—left alone by their own governments, left alone by foreign; and if not left alone, they’ll kill everyone until they are.
    …at least that’s how we used to play.

    1. [#2 of 2] As for the modern Right’s isolationist tendencies—it’s not like the various Anglo peoples were ever consulted on going to war with Boney, Willie or Adolf; HMG/USG made the decision and most followed(*). We have no idea how new or old isolationism is; but the current Right is likely tired of decades-long wars with no clear objectives and ending in humiliating retreats. We really need to fix our own s**t first before trying to fix anyone else’s.
      (* Not that I believe those decisions wrong, except insofar as the real failure of Versailles is that it was not enforced, which we could and should have done at small cost; and that we should have listened to Jackie Fisher and ‘Copenhagened’ the German fleet at Kiel (or introduced conscription as the National Service League (1902–21) advocated, and/or made the Entente Cordiale a clear military commitment); and Pitt (Younger) should be held in greater regard than he is.)

      Best thing the main nations of the world could do is get around a table and atlas and say: ‘Ok, empire’s back, now who wants what?’ But to get to that stage we need to remove our governments who believe ‘imperialism’ a dirty word while enabling our countries’ colonisation by the 3rd World, and ever weakening our militaries with diversity-hires and Woke bs. Wouldn’t blame anyone for refusing to sign up to fight for Bo ‘Pol Pot’ Johnson and Keir ‘Mini-Bo’ Starmer, or Pædo Joe.

      ‘Won’t you fight for your country?’ Colonel Korn demanded, emulating Colonel Cathcart’s harsh, self-righteous tone. ‘Won’t you give up your life for Colonel Cathcart and me?’
      Yossarian tensed with alert astonishment when he heard Colonel Korn’s concluding words. ‘What’s that?’ he exclaimed. ‘What have you and Colonel Cathcart got to do with my country? You’re not the same.’
      ‘How can you separate us? ’ Colonel Korn inquired with ironical tranquillity.
      ‘That’s right,’ Colonel Cathcart cried emphatically. ‘You’re either for us or against us. There’s no two ways about it.’
      ‘I’m afraid he’s got you,’ added Colonel Korn. ‘You’re either for us or against your country. It’s as simple as that.’

      (Heller, Joseph. Catch-22. 1955. Vintage, 1994. 534.)

      Should Australians fight and die for Dan Andrews? For US General ‘I want to understand white rage’ Millie? For ADF Lt. Col. Cate née Malcolm McGregor? For modern Western values—drag queen story hour, brainwashing prepubescent boys into believing themselves girls, abortion & euthanasia, and that whites are innately evil?

      If a conquering army of kitchen sinks replaced Dan Andrews with a military governor, how much difference would anyone notice? If the Taliban marched in and took over, likewise? Except in either case, life might become marginally freer and better. A little bit, at least.

      Don’t misunderstand, I’m not selling China or Islam—I desire sovereign Christian(*) monarchy; executive power vested in a Christian Crown, advised by subordinate Parliaments (number, composition, and method of member selection open for debate); with plebeian rights protected not by words but arms—the militia, where kings’ mandated every male Subject arm and practice for maintenance of his Peace and defence of his Realm (but which also afforded populace balance against State forces). And history shows we enjoyed greater liberty and were closer to the Night-watchman State ideal under sovereign Crowns, than ever since we fell for the Whig heresies of democracy, equality and redefinition of liberty. Just asking: Are modern Western governments worth fighting for?
      (* Assuming a revitalised Christianity, not the various Churches of the SJW that seem to represent most modern Christianity.)