Sunday 16 February 2020

The Political Man

Mark Richardson over at Oz Conservative had this gem in one of his replies to a commenter:

The temptation is to try to find a quick fix solution. "If we do this, then things will be put right, and we don't have to worry about politics anymore, things can go back to normal". What's needed instead are men who see "polis life" - a commitment to political life - as being a normal part of masculine commitments, in any age or time.

So often I hear a version of this, the quick fix, the idea that one simple change can put things to right. When the truth is that no one thing, person, political party, government, idea, ethnic group, ideology is to blame for everything. And the problems that we face are not new, they didn't arrive last Thursday, or even in our lifetime.

The solution to our problems are long and complex, not simple and easy. Which means that we need to have a commitment to a political life. To accept that our responsibilities are not something that we can simply put aside and worry about from time to time. Instead it is a permanent commitment.

What is a political life?

It is the same as our commitment to our nation and our family, a burden that we must accept and carry on with. In practice it means supporting the causes that support us and it means fighting the causes that want our destruction. It means being men and defending the things that we love.

Preserving the things that we love, our people, our families....the same thing.....and destroying the things that want to harm them. That is what men have always done, worry about politics and the big issues in life. To organise, to provide, to protect. Not to worry about the small things, the petty things, that is not what men should spend their time upon. 

Make a commitment to become that political man, that man who supports the things he loves in word and deed. Donate to support the people and causes that support you, commit time to help out, join organisations.

Do not be passive be active!

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