Saturday, 16 May 2020

Link Love XII

Because I've been neglecting you all I have found these great links to various topics to keep you entertained and informed.

Why big business loves gender neutrality
It's not often an article can talk about Karl Marx and still have interesting things to say, but it does give a different perspective on why big business has supported gender neutrality so enthusiastically.

A Catholic history of the conflict between religion and science
It's amazing how deep and how old the lies we hear are. A long but good read that told me things I didn't know.

Banks triage for $45b bad debt tidal wave
An article from the Australian Financial Review which gives an idea of how much trouble our economy is in.

The Rise and Fall of Unitarianism in America
This goes for 17 minutes and in that time you will get a good look at why Christianity is in trouble and how it got that way. The Unitarians are simply in front.

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