Monday 18 October 2021

Two Posters

Today I'm out and I stop by the shops and what do I find.

Pro- Vax means that they aren't Pro-Choice.

Pro-Union means that they support the Union over the Workers.

Anti-Fascists means that they hate anyone who doesn't agree with them. 

Then right at the bottom it says ' Always was, always will be Aboriginal land'.

This is an interesting phrase because it reveals more than they intend. The way that all non-Whites are used by them as weapons to attack us, particularly Aborigines. The way that they put words into other peoples mouths, regardless of whether these people believe or support the ideas. Because it is quite clear this is not Aboriginal land, It also reveals that their message is about creating division, The Left wants to destroy our civilization so that a new one can arise, their 'perfect' society.

But what the poster really means is that they are 100% Pro-Government!

Don't believe me?

Have you seen an Antifa flag at any of the anti-lockdown demonstrations?

Of course not, because the great rebels against the system are the system!  


I understand what 'Get the jab' means, but what does 'Don't scab' mean?

Maybe I should just be thankful that the White guy is actually White!

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1 comment:

  1. Scab as in strikebreaker ? Appears as if it’s the wrong use of the word ? by the poster author ! Same for Aboriginal land. First Nations people in any country prefer that term where the prior existence didn’t involve the concept of actually owning land in a legal sense. Rather in Australia they belonged to about 500 different nations to respect borders. So what is the poster trying to say ? So that they can celebrate past landmarks and borders, going back in time , just as I can with my ancestors, even though it can’t be my land just because my ancestors once established the first settlement.