Sunday, 2 July 2017

The Issue is Never the Issue

A few weeks ago I read something that has been playing around in my head ever since. The quote was this:

The issue is never the issue, the issue is always the destruction of Western Civilization.

Here is a truth so clear and profound I had to find out who wrote it, but instead I found out it is a misquote. The original is very interesting as well.

The issue is never the issue, the issue is always the Revolution.

Now here is a different take, the issue is never the issue is presented as a positive instead of as a negative, but the meaning is exactly the same, destruction. Destroying what exists today so that the Left can rebuilt it in their image. But what does "the issue is never the issue" mean?

It means that whatever issue the Left puts up as important, civil rights, homosexual marriage, anti-war, refugees, etc. it is merely a smoke screen for the real issue. The real issue is always the Revolution and the Revolution is always about the destruction of Western Civilization. Because they believe that once they have destroyed Western Civilization then they can build the world that they dream of, but that world will never be built because it is easier to destroy than it is to create.

If I may put an image into your mind, imagine a castle, tall and strong all in stone, now imagine someone on top of the tallest tower with a hammer and chisel. They chip away bit by bit by bit, if there are enough people and enough effort one day that castle will not be tall and strong. With enough people and enough effort the only thing left will be dust and pebbles. Once they have destroyed Western Civilization than they can build. But answer me this, what can you build with pebbles and dust?

The truth is that it is much easier to destroy than to create and that is all they can do, they can never build or rebuild anything. They love the thrill of destruction, that is why they love doing things that upset people. They love the reaction, they love knowing that they have power over people. Thats why they love to do things like this.

In The Lord of the Rings, King Theoden of Rohan asks the question "What can men do against such reckless hate", it's a good question. How do we defeat an enemy who's only purpose is to destroy?

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