Sunday, 25 December 2016

Merry Christmas From the Terror Capital of Australia

Merry Christmas from Melbourne, Australia where today there was supposed to be a terrorist attack. Fortunately the would be Terrorists were very vocal about their desire and they have been arrested. Their plan was to set off a bomb in Federation Square and to gun down people at Flinders Street Railway Station and at St. Pauls Anglican Cathedral, all three are located on the same busy crossroad. Federation Square is where the first of the Reclaim Australia Rallies were held in 2015.  

Once again we have been told by our worthless Politicians to go about our business without a care in the world, but what they really want us to do is to go about without a thought in our head. They want us to pretend that the Multicultural society that they have forced upon us isn't failing right before our eyes. These latest bring the total to 80 that are currently in Victorian prisons on Terrorism related charges, yes they are all Muslims. And our Politicians are so so very proud of how successfully they have created a peaceful Multicultural society, but like everything Liberalism says it is simply another lie.

The only reason 80 of them sit in jail is because they have big mouths and we have been very lucky, how long will it be before we get our own Berlin moment?

Last week we had an African try to set a Service Station on fire, this is the link to a news report on Facebook with footage of him trying to set petrol on fire. Fortunately a Tradesmen saw what he was doing and used a fire extinguisher to drive him away. The Tradesmen then went to three Police stations to report it, at the first two he was hold they didn't have the staff to deal with it and at the third he was told that they had better things to do with their time. Please look at the news report, it's about 2 minutes long. Police are not investigating the incident because no property was damaged!

While not in Melbourne the Australian Christian Lobby had a van filled with gas cylinders driven into their building in Canberra last week. Fortunately it was at night and while the building suffered damage no one except the man who set the gas cylinders on fire was injured. All we have been told is that the man is 35 years old, an Australian national and he was seriously burned in the explosion that he set off. However the Police insist that it was not religiously, politically or ideologically motivated. Here we have another man with no name, no race, no religion and no motivation carrying out a terrorist act that the Authorities insist isn't Terrorism.

The Liberal and Labor parties are parties of treason, they have created this problem without our approval or consent. This is their problem, created by them and maintained by them. They insist that all they want is for everyone to live in peace, because all of human history is a seemingly endless list of people being unable to live in peace but no they insist that this time it will work. They have not done any of this for our benefit, they have not done any of this for our Nations benefit, they have done it for their own ideological belief, they did it because they believe in Liberalism. They are traitors and the soon we get rid of them the safer we will be!

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  1. "The only reason 80 of them sit in jail is because they have big mouths and we have been very lucky, how long will it be before we get our own Berlin moment?"

    Before there was Berlin there was Bali!!

  2. Undoubtedly too the Muslims will also say now THEY are scared by these events. THEY are afraid of the backlash from the whitey Aussie that never seems to materialize. THEY are killing us or are planning to kill us but THEY are afraid!!