Sunday 26 February 2017

Is There a Path For Men Anymore?

I was born in 1970 and when I was growing up there was a path for men to follow, at least in theory. The theory said get an education, get a job, meet a girl, fall in love, get married, have children, buy a house. Non of that sounds bad to me and it didn't then. But during my lifetime all of those things that allowed that life to be lived have been attacked. And today things are much worse and the truth was they weren't much fun back then.

Education is the easy part, your practically forced to get an education because there are no jobs for young people to go into. So everyone stays at school or goes on to some form of Higher Education simply because they don't have any choice. That fact is often hidden by providing a false choice, what course are you going to study? See it looks like it's all your choice, you get to make these choices. But as everyone is in the same boat and everyone is getting more and more educated your choice is nearly worthless. Because hardly anyone needs that level of education, it's make busy work and it's very hard to avoid.

Jobs, the last time Australia had full employment was in the 1970's. My older brothers and sisters told me how you could quit a job in the morning and get a new job in the afternoon. But that economy didn't exist in the 1980's, but people did talk about bringing back full employment. In 1992 the Australian Government released a paper on how to do it, of course it never happened and since then the whole idea has been dropped as if an economy with full employment never existed. Instead we have an economy with part time jobs, casual jobs and lots of unemployment. Unemployment is bad and I find that people who have never experienced it have no idea about it's effects. When your unemployed your life stops and that includes with women. If you do get a women have a good time because you sure won't have a long time. No women is interested in a man without money, not for long anyway. Add to that feminism, official Feminism that is, women get priority in employment and for promotion. They even have the gall to call it "equal opportunity"!

So that stops many men from rising up and if you'd like to go down the ladder and do a manual job, do you know Mandarin? The ever present and increasing Immigrant , they drive down standards, wages and opportunity just by turning up. So many men are left in the position were they cannot stay were they are because there are no jobs, they can't go up because those jobs have gone to women and they can't go down because of Immigrants. And every inch of it Government policy.

Well at least meeting a girl should be easy, I mean there are literally millions of 'em. If only that was true, sure you might be able to pick up a new girl every night but thats not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about permanent relationships, but for millions of men those relationships aren't happening, and that means for millions of women as well. Feminism is a big problem here, the idea that women should concentrate on a career, the idea that relationships are traps, the idea that men are bad. Women have become quite standoffish, they reject men as they always have, but the dating game has gotten harder. In the past people meet through family or mutual friends, they met at work and everyone had the idea that this would lead somewhere, it wasn't undirected. But when so many women are concerned with careers that assumption no longer exists, in fact it is often explicitly denied. Men are treated as optional extras, instead of as the missing piece to a fulfilling life. Something else that makes dating worse now than in the past is technology, it puts another step in front of men that they now need to get past.

All of this means that it has become harder to fall in love, not lust, but love. It is extremely easy to fall in lust today. But here Feminism has done it's work again. It is amazing how many women will tell you they aren't Feminists and then behave as Feminists. I have heard a certain phrase for years "I don't need a man, I want a man!", but they never seem to understand that what men hear is "I didn't need this handbag, I wanted it and when I'm finished with it I'll get rid of it!". Because I assure you that is what men hear. Men, like women need to be needed, not wanted but needed. The, I couldn't live without you kind of thing. They need to know they have a purpose, but when women make their own money, men are denied the role of provider, but what is very clear is that women still expect a man to fulfill that role even when she is financially successful. Women having jobs make both men and women unhappy because women want men who are richer than themselves. And your much likelier to fall in love with someone your attracted to then someone your not.  

But lets just say a man does meet a women and fall in love, then marriage and children are the next step for most. But lets fact facts marriage isn't what it used to be. Once marriage was a byword for security, but we live today in the world of no-fault divorce and that means that no one is safe. Because there is no defence against no-fault divorce, no matter how smart, sexy, devoted or rich a man is. He can do everything right and still end up disposable. Men are not allowed to be fallible and that is simply an impossible standard for anyone.

No matter how things go you will always need a place to live, but even housing is becoming ridiculous. House prices are going through the roof in so many places. How do you raise a family when housing prices are so bad?

When I was growing up there was a path for men to follow, but so many men of my generation could not follow it, I couldn't. But at least there was a path, some guideline to follow. But today things are so bad for men that nearly all of this needs to be rebuilt. Women have changed and not for the better and that has been a miserable thing for men to see and experience. However that does not mean that women are entirely to blame or that nothing can be done to fix things. But it does mean that right now things are bad and they don't look like they are going to get better any time soon.

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  1. The paragraph beginning "All of this means" is particularly good.

    By the way, I enjoyed your interview at the Amerika website.

  2. My life didn't stop with unemployment...had an accident at work, disabled now. Met a gorgeous Jewish girl....sweet as.