Saturday, 9 May 2020

Fifty Years In

Today is my Fiftieth Birthday!

I was planning a big party but instead the world decided it had other plans. Just one casualty of what has proved to be a massive overreaction. So instead I'll be having a roast.

When I was a teenager I thought about what would be a good age to die and I decided that 75 was a good age. Old but not to old. That seemed like a long time when I was a teenager, now it's only 25 years away.

I'm a single man with not much prospects, carrying a bit more weight then I should, with a health issue that isn't a problem today but might become one. Maybe I won't make it to 75.

On the other hand I'm reasonably healthy, I get about and the last time I was in hospital was about 25 years ago to have my appendix out. Maybe I'll live to a grand old age.

To be honest I worry more about my finances then my health. But I have never felt that I was going to live for ever. I have always been aware that my time here was finite and it pushes me to get things done before my time is over. I'm always surprised that other people seem to feel that they have infinite time or at least that is how they act. The young can be excused, but how baby boomers can feel that way is beyond me.

I wish that I was more of a doer, but instead I'm a thinker. I wish I was more successful. I wish I had a clearer view of the future, not clairvoyance but at least a clear direction. But whatever the future holds I'll have to face it, just like everyone else.

Anyway, here's to the future!

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