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Misogyny, Why We are not Misogynists

Misogyny, Why We are not Misogynists

Misogyny means a hatred of women and Conservatives and men and even society in general have been accused of being Misogynists. But of course Conservatives are not Misogynists and I hope to show why in this post. Men and society are also not guilty of the charge but that's another post.

Misogyny like racist means different things to ordinary people than they do to Liberals or those on the Left of politics. In regards to Misogyny, ordinary people think it refers to serial killers who kill and mutilate women and others who show extreme violence or hatred towards women. But to Liberals and the Left, a Misogynist is someone who criticizes women or their behavior or who doesn't believe that men and women are identical and equal in every way. By that definition Conservatives are Misogynists, by that definition everyone who has every lived has been a Misogynist, including everyone alive today.

Of course that won't do as a definition, as it's nonsense.

Conservatives do criticize women and we do on occasion criticize womens behavior, but we also do the same to men. But we normally criticize them for different reasons as we believe that men and women are different.  That men and women bring different ways of thinking and doing things and that it is these differences that are important not the areas in which they are similar. We believe that men and women need each other both individually and as a society. So the differences make them stronger and mutually supporting, instead of being areas of conflict. We further believe that men and women should not compete against each other, but that they should support each other and do the things that they are best at, instead of both trying to be the same person.

For Liberalism and those further to the left this is unacceptable as this implies that we do not believe that men and women can be identical and equal and in this they are correct. We reject the idea that men and women are identical and equal because we can see that it is not true. But if men and women are not equal then that must mean that one is superior to the other. But thats not necessary true as the strengths and flaws of men and women are different and there fore mutually supporting, you might even say complimentary.

When we reject the charge that we are Misogynists we must remember that the charge isn't meant as an objective critique, it is meant to shut us up and to shame us, to show others we are dangerous and that we have dangerous ideas. To that charge we should point out that criticism is not hatred and that only a fool would think that it is.

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  1. Misogyny is like fascism. Both have become meaningless terms, totally divorced from any real meaning they once had. They are now just general-purpose terms of abuse employed by Leftists whenever they are losing an argument.

  2. Dear Mr. Doom

    I like your thinking, it's abit like the first person in an argument to call someone Hitler or a Nazi loses the argument. Except whenever a Conservative is arguing with a Leftist and the Leftist called them a Misogynist, Racist or Fascists the Conservative knows he's won the argument as the Leftist has run out of anything further to contribute!

    Mark Moncrieff