Thursday, 16 July 2015

Reclaim Australia Rally's - This Weekend

This weekend is the Second Reclaim Australia Rally, I attended the first rally on the 4th April, some of you may remember that I wrote about it, Report from the Melbourne reclaim Australia rally. Unfortunately, and despite my best efforts I have to work this Saturday so I will be unable to attend the rally. However I do want to say that I continue to support the rallies and that I am very disappointed that I cannot be there. To anyone who will be close to a rally this weekend, I encourage you to attend and give your support.

Here are some points to remember about attending

It has recently been very cold and wet across Australia and this weekend should be no exception. So make sure your dressed for both the cold and the wet as you might be outside for quite some time.

The Left will be out in force, particularly in Melbourne, be prepared. Mostly it will be the same old rubbish about us being Nazi's and Racists. Remember to them everyone who disagrees with them is a Nazi and anyone who doesn't believe in destroying White Australia is a Racist.

The Left will try and block the way in to the rally, if possible record what they do and let your friends and family know how they treat ordinary Australians going about their lawful business.

The Police will be passive if past rallies are any guide, although I imagine there will be large numbers in attendance. If given instructions by Police obey them. When things get hard they will instruct the Reclaim Australia people to end the rally, then they will move the Reclaim Australia people off first. Leaving the Left with possession of the field. Remember the rally is not against the Police, but record anytime they let the Left get away with anything.

If you are not happy with the Police make a formal complaint: 

Dress decently and behave respectably, but don't put up with rubbish. If you have patriotic clothing or a Flag by all means take it along if you want. The Left may try to snatch Flags away from people, particularly from women, so be ware.

Some people on the Right seem to think that being the most extreme is the best, just like some on the Left. It should go without saying but I will do so anyway, do not wear anything that has Nazi symbols, you would think this would be obvious but it seems not to some people. If you do see people wearing, or who have Swastika tattoos that they refuse to cover up, try to keep away from them.

Nearly all of those who protest on the Left are young men, that is not true of the Reclaim Australia people, there will be teenagers, there will be old people and there will be women. Look out for them!!

Don't let anything I have said discourage you from going, we need to fight back, we need to Reclaim Australia.

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