Thursday 27 February 2020

Congratulations Vdare!

Vdare is an American anti-immigration site and if you don't know their work you should. Today I went to check it out and I found this:

Peter and I, and the VDARE Foundation board, are delighted to announce the acquisition of the historic Berkeley Spring Castle, aka the Samuel Taylor Suit Cottage, in the beautiful resort town of Berkeley Springs West Virginia.
Owning our own meeting space has been a goal for many years, and it’s truly an honor to have this achievement manifested in such a stunning and important property.
This is excellent news, for years Vdare has been trying to host a conference and they have been deplatformed time and again. Their booking would be accept to host a conference and then it would be cancelled. I know they have taken a number (all/some, not sure) to court. This is an amazing outcome, to not only buy a property to host conferences in but such a beautiful one at that!

Here is the announcement: Lydia Brimelow we got the keys to the castle 

Here is some really beautiful pictures: 1886 castle for sale in Berkeley Springs West Virginia

I'm not sure if the decor came with the property or not, if it does wow!

This is precisely the thing that our efforts should go towards. Always strengthening our position and making sure that we build for the future while preserving the past.

To Mr. and Mrs. Brimelow, well done!

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