Thursday 2 April 2020

The Tree Paradox

A tree that does not bend breaks, a tree that bends too much breaks.

Trees are quite remarkable but we often don't remark upon them because they are so common. Trees come in many different shapes, sizes and even colours. They live outside in all kinds of weather without relief. But we all know that trees break, what makes them break?

Rigidity makes trees break, the very thing that gives them strength can destroy them. But a tree that lacks rigidity can also be destroyed. It rots and falls apart. Trees cope with this by being flexible. However they are not so flexible that they look like lampposts or rubbish bins. A tree remains true to what it is, a tree. You may confuse a tree with a shrub but you would never confuse it with an elephant. 

What does any of this have to do with us?

We need to be strong like a tree, but we also need to know when to bend before we break and we need to know when we should not bend. We need to be flexible while always being true to ourselves. Also we need to remember that a lone tree in the desert is a landmark, something that is known by everyone. But a tree surrounded by many others trees is part of a forest. For too long we have all been landmarks, we need to become a forest!

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