Sunday, 15 December 2019

Some Link Love VIII

It has been a very busy weekend so I am cheating. Instead of an article from me I will give you three links to fantastic articles, articles I wish I had written.

People are always asking what can I do to fight back? Here is a list of things, passive, active and hyper, that people can do. Really great advice. Pick three and start doing them!
What Can You Do Today?

I have never written an article on the Israel/Palestine question as I think it gets far too much airtime. This article basically sums up my own position on the subject.
Captain Airhead And The Israel-Palestinian Conflict

The fake right tries and tries to corral us into supporting their wrong headed ideas. In this article, which is number 3 although it can be read by itself , the position of America's founder fathers is explored. Did they think the new nation was merely a proposition?
Gatekeepers Of The Failed Right pt-3


Upon Hope Blog - A Traditional Conservative Future
Another Article You Might Like?
Leftism And Occultism

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