Sunday, 29 December 2019

Politics As Sport

'I always vote Left, if I didn't the rich would eat the poor, I'm not even exaggerating!'

'I always vote Right, if I didn't we would pay 100% in taxes, I'm not even exaggerating!'

Have you ever been in one of these conversations?

Have you ever uttered something similar?

Don't worry it's a game everyone falls into once or twice. Supporting your team against the other side. The nightly news encourages each and every one of us to play the game, to support 'our side'.

'Your candidate is ugly and stupid!'

'Well at least their not as stupid and ugly as yours!'

As our Civilization crumbles around us, as our society disappears, as we are replaced and betrayed, people keep playing this game. Political sport, my team versus your team. Even though none of the teams represent us. Nor do most of the players. It's not even our sport anymore. And everything that I've said about politics applies to sport.

All of these things are circuses, distractions. We all need an escape, but we should not be cheering for our enemies. Nor should we be financing them if we can help it. Once these things, politics, sport, entertainment belonged to us, they were part of us. Sadly those days are gone.

It is not that they do 100% wrong, they sometimes do do good. Sometimes they are unfairly attacked and you defend them. But remember to praise them because they did something good, or to defend them when they are unfairly attacked....but not because they are on a team. Whether that is Team Left or Team Right. You should support people who are on your side, they need to join your team, our team.

If someone is not on your side, why would you be on theirs?

We need to stop treating politics as if it is a sport. We need to treat it as our enemies treat it, as combat!

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