Saturday, 7 December 2019

Crowded Housing

As the price of housing continues to rise in Australia and the number of foreigners here continues to rise, more and more young people are living with their parents. 66% of people aged between 18-24 live with their parents.

Now living with your parents is not shameful, nor is it socially bad. Extended families are a good thing. However this is not a sign of a healthy economy or a healthy society society, it is not even government policy. The government has not intended to create extended families, were multiple generations live under one room. It is instead a sign of the pressures that people are now under.

Instead of young people being able to forge a path for their own they are now being forced to forgo starting an independent future. Marriage and children are also being delayed so that money can be saved simply to have a roof over their heads. Fifty years ago most people bought a house when they were young adults, 18-24. They married and had children at that age.

While the economy has changed since that time, the great change has been government policy. The desire by governments to increase the price of housing at any cost. The high price of housing is heralded as a great economic boon. However it only helps those who already own a house...and who want to sell it. And those with high income.

Even renting has become harder, with ever increasing pressures, with more and more people being crammed into our cities. While young people lack both money nor references to help them get ahead. It is also hard for the poor to afford housing. It s a major reason why we have so many homeless people and why we even see beggers in our suburbs. Something unheard of in times past.

To fix these problems we need to stop our open policy and return to a closed policy. Whereby mostly Australians buy Australian houses. Limit foreigners owners to people who come from countries where we can buy houses in their country. To stop bring people into the country and to enact a policy of remigration.

It's time our government returned to being loyal to us!

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