Wednesday 4 December 2019

1 Million Jobs In The Future

The Australian government has announced that by 2024 their plan is to create 1,075,000 jobs. The good news is that there are currently 700,000 unemployed so I guess unemployed will end in five years time!

This jobs growth is forecasted to be made up of:

252,600 in healthcare and social assistance
172,400 in professional, scientific and technical services (everything from Law to IT)
129,300 in education and training
113,700 in construction

Although since 2013 1,500,000 jobs have been created and unemployment has not ended. You see it could end if these jobs were created in a closed system. A system whereby local companies created local jobs that only locals could get. However we work in an open system whereby we are competing against foreigner workers, both here and overseas. This great economic boon will not be of benefit to us at all. Instead it will fuel ever greater immigration. Ever greater dispossession.

That is of course if the government can even create these jobs, because while government is very happy to talk about job creation they are not happy to talk about job loses. And the reality is that jobs are being lost all the time. Not simply jobs, but entire industries.

For 45 years Australia has imported more than it has exported. Every year we grow poorer. The economic model that we live under is a giant transfer of wealth from First World countries to the Third world. It is socialism on an enormous scale.

Once upon a time the Australian people believed that the Australian government worked for them. Those days are long gone.

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