Wednesday 24 May 2017

Some Link Love VI

It has been nearly a year since I gave out any Link Love!

Whats amazing is I have a list of links to great articles going back years, but instead of sharing them I keep writing my own. But this week I am sick so it's time to spread some of that love.

I thought there were some great insights here for men in long term relationships.

This article is entitled "Financialization", The Z Man talks about the three different currencies used throughout history, precious metals, banknotes and our current currency, credit. And why this is why older ideas about economics aren't working in quite the same way.

Anti-Dem writes long articles but they normally have a number of good ideas, here he has at least three.

Here is a short view into how the Market really works and how it does the real economy.

Another one from The Z Man, "The Blinkered Class"

"This Explains A Lot", yes it does.


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