Thursday 8 August 2019

Victoria's Top Export Earner

Victoria, where I live was once Australia's industrial heart, but today nearly all of that is gone. But don't despair as we now have a new money maker. Each year we import hundreds of thousands of students, last year 230,000. And in return they give us $11.8 billion!

Wow thats fantastic, I'm rich!

Ohhh wait my contract position finished and now I'm unemployed again and unemployment benefits in Australia haven't gone up in 25 years. But clearly someone is getting rich. At an average of $51,000 for each student I'd say quite a few people are getting rich. But not everyone, no when it comes to immigration scams not everyone can rich. Did I say scam?

Well you see if you stay long enough in Australia then you can apply for permanent residency. You might live here or you might go home, but that permanent residency means you don't have to leave Australia for ever. The length of a degree is time enough.

I have read some of the survey results from students at our Universities and they make sad reading. The Indian student who paid big money to come here to study. He returned home to no job and a lot of debt. The standard of education we give is an embarrassment. Because we long ago sold our integrity for their money. We have cheated both of us.

Australia is a country with 50 Universities and we import doctors.

Immigration is a scam at every level.

Education isn't far behind.

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