Saturday 24 August 2019

Some Facts About the Boomers

The Baby Boomers get given a lot of grief, some of it earned, much of it misdirected. Here is an excellent article from The New Yorker:

The Misconception About Baby Boomers and the Sixties by Louis Menand

Just a brief taste

The boomers get tied to the sixties because they are assumed to have created a culture of liberal permissiveness, and because they were utopians—political idealists, social activists, counterculturalists. In fact, it is almost impossible to name a single person born after 1945 who played any kind of role in the civil-rights movement, Students for a Democratic Society, the New Left, the antiwar movement, or the Black Panthers during the nineteen-sixties. Those movements were all started by older, usually much older, people.
Enjoy, I know I did!

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