Friday, 2 August 2019

A List of Britain's Enemies

A letter that I found at Amerika by a Mr. Seth Tillman who has posted it at his own site, The New Reform Club. A letter to The Irish Times regarding who supported Remain in the vote to leave the European Union, with commentary at the start and finish by Brett Stevens:

Antipathocracy. A government of, for, and by those who hold their governed subjects in total and utter disdain and contempt. This, right here, is what an Antipathocracy looks like.
“Who, in the Brexit referendum, was on the Remain side?”
Her Majesty’s Government was for Remain.
The leading opposition parties were for Remain.
All the primary regional parties (DUP excepted) in Scotland (SNP), Wales (Plaid Cymru), and Northern Ireland (Sinn Fein) were for Remain.
The Archbishop of Canterbury was for Remain.
The EU, its diplomats, and the wider diplomatic community, including Ireland’s government and diplomats, were all in for Remain.
Cameron, the then incumbent Prime Minister, along with all his living predecessors, were for Remain.
George Osborne, the then incumbent Chancellor of the Exchequer, was for Remain, and he even threatened the voters—via his next proposed budget—should they have the temerity to vote Leave.
Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the opposition, then and now was for Remain.
The majority of members of Parliament were for Remain.
President Obama was for Remain.
The Bank of England and the bureaucracy were for Remain.
The labour unions were for Remain.
Academia was overwhelmingly for Remain.
Industry (eg, the Confederation of British Industry) was for Remain.
The BBC and the largest part of both the old and new media (Murdoch’s broadsheets excepted) were for Remain.
All the highbrow magazines were for Remain—The Spectator excepted.
The actors & arts communities were for Remain.
The vast majority of student activists were for Remain.
Owen Jones and all the wannabe student activists were for Remain.
The vast majority of the bar and the legal profession were for remain … but I repeat myself.
Now ask yourself, precisely: “Who, in the Brexit referendum, was on the Leave side?”
Just some voters.

 If anyone still wonders why Great Britain can’t seem to ever quite hit above the Mendoza Line in the last six or so decades, there’s your answer. Figure out what the people (that which remains of them) favor, and all “the smart ones” reflexively and implacably rise to block it. Not since William The Bastard forced Saxon peasants to do business in The High Speech has a governing class felt more disgust or contempt for the average civilian.

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