Monday, 19 August 2019

Melbourne Traditionalist Conference 2019 in Two Months

While not as well advertised as last year the Conference is all go!

We have all 5 speakers sorted, the venue is booked, all we need is for people to pay and attend.

The location of the venue will only be announced to Conference attendees the week of the Conference. However it is in the inner suburbs of Melbourne and as good as the last venue.

If anyone who is attending has any dietary or mobility requirements it's best to let me know via email.

Date: 18 October, Friday 7pm, Meet and Greet
          19 October, Saturday, 10am-5pm Conference
          7pm Banquest

Venue: Inner suburb of Melbourne

Cost: Concession $75
          Full Price $110
          (Everything in Australian Dollars, if your unsure if you are Concession or Full Price send me an email)

Register: To register and pay for the Conference go to trybooking

Lecture Topics:

1. Shelley and the origins of Liberal thought

2. E.F. Schumacher: Small is Beautiful

3. From ABC to XYZ: Alt Media in Australia

4. International Banking and You

5. Class Warfare and White Genocide: The origins of Cultural Marxism

What do you get for your money? 5 lectures, Lunch and Banquet, all non-alcoholic drinks and if last year was anything to go by some really great attendees.

If anyone has any questions please send me an email uponhopeblog(AT)

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