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Rejected Abortion Amendments

Abortions are presented to us as medical procedures, as a safe medical procedure, like getting a tooth pulled out. But like all medical procedures, even getting teeth pulled, there is a failure rate. It's something that the Abortion industry and it's supporters don't like to talk about.

The Australian Christian Lobby has this Article on the recent NSW Abortion Law that has been passed by the Lower House. In this article they provide some statistics and information on the rejected amendments.

The first rejected amendment was that a baby that survives an Abortion should be given medical care.

The first one is of tremendous significance - an amendment to ensure babies that are born alive are rendered medical care. That is, the same neonatal care that would be afforded any other child born at the relevant stage of gestation if it were a wanted child.
Astonishingly, the parliament said no. Babies born alive as a result of botched abortion procedures must be left to die.
In Victoria between 2009 and 2016 there were 304 babies born alive because abortions failed, but were then left to slowly die on operating tables and rendered no care.
In Western Australia between 1999 and 2015 at least 26 babies were born alive after failed abortion attempts. They too were left to die.
Gemma Tognini writes in The Daily Telegraph, “An amendment to provide medical care to babies that survived abortions was somehow voted down. Voted down. Say that aloud if you dare. A baby born alive who needs medical help is left to die. My heart breaks.”
The second rejected amendment relates to girls under the age of 16.

The Second amendment that was voted down was an amendment to require that abortions performed on children under 16 are reported to the relevant authority.
The parliament said no. They voted against it.
So, a pregnant minor may seek an abortion and no investigation is made regarding possible child sexual abuse. It's not even brought to the attention of any authority.
The bill in its current form in fact contains provisions for overruling the wishes of parents when an abortion is requested by their child who is a minor.
We know that girls who abort rather than carry a pregnancy to term are five times more likely to seek help for psychological problems thereafter, three times more likely to report trouble sleeping, and nine times more likely to report marijuana use.
Yet they wouldn't allow an amendment to this bill that would require a doctor to make a report when a child, a girl, under 16 comes in for an abortion.

The Third rejected amendment asked for women to receive counselling and wait 72 hours before obtaining an Abortion.

An independent counsellor in those circumstances may be rather helpful. Three-month post-abortive women have a three and a half times greater incidence of clinical depression and one fifth higher rates of post-traumatic stress disorder. That's not just some random fringe study - the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists recommend this: “a woman's physical, social, emotional, and psychological needs should be taken into account in the course of decision making and pre- and post-termination counselling by appropriately qualified professionals should be made available.”
The Fourth rejected amendment was that no Doctor can refuse to provide a referral due to their personal objection to Abortion, that includes any religious or philosophical objections.

The Fifth rejected amendment is that sex selection is not banned. That normally means that more girls are aborted than boys, which leads to big problems as you can imagine.

Melbourne doctor Mark Hobart was disciplined by the Medical Board of Victoria for declining to refer a couple for an abortion because the child was a girl. They wanted a boy.
Whilst Dr Hobart was disciplined by the medical board, the doctor who performed the abortion was not.
Nature magazine says some 45 million girls worldwide were never born because of the use of sex selective abortions during the past half century.
This law is current before the NSW Upper House, but it is based on laws that are already in operation in Queensland and Victoria. The article that this information comes from is part of a talk given by Martyn Iles, the head of the Australian Christian Lobby and is well worth checking out.

When you see things like this we have to remember that the clowns that run clown world are evil.

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