Saturday, 10 August 2019

Australia's Immigration Slippery Slope

In the 1800's Australians feared the huge populations to our North. In 1941 that fear became reality when Japan sort to expand it's Empire into South-East Asia. Australians believed that we would also be invaded. At that time our population was 7 million.

In 1943 the Australian cabinet decided that after the war our population would increase through immigration. A policy known as "Populate or Perish", with the success of the Japanese attacks used o scare people into accepting something that they did not support. At that time it was thought that that increase in population would be mostly from the British Isles.

But Europe after WWII was in a mess and the European countries asked those countries outside of Europe to assist. Millions of Displaced Persons (DP's) lived a very precarious life in make shift camps right across Europe, but concentrated in Germany. With so much destruction accommodation was scarce and DP's were put in old barracks, ex- Prisoner of Wars camps, even ex- Concentration camps were used to house people.

The United Nations asked nearly every country outside Europe to accept DP's as permanent settlers. A friend of mine who's Polish told me his parents were given the choice of going to Venezuela or Australia. Europe was devastated, people went hungry, it was down and out. It was a real humanitarian crisis. With great reluctance Australia accepted people, so many of them came from the Baltic countries that for decades these people were called Balts.

The Australian people did not want these people, they accepted them as the price to be paid for peace and prosperity. They had sacrificed during the war and now they were being asked to make another sacrifice. The government at first resisted accepting these DP's, as did all of the countries asked. But once it had accepted them it quite liked them.

This was the start of the slippery slope, the Australian people had accepted these people reluctantly, but the government noted that they had accepted them. It began to expand it's reach. It started with Italians. Then in the 1950's to Greeks and Yugoslavs, in the 1960's to Turks, in the 1970's to the Vietnamese. In the 1970's all restrictions on race or ethnicity were withdrawn. Today people from nearly every country on Earth live in Australia. 

Australia went from trying to boost it's population to resist a future foreign invasion to our own government forcing a foreign invasion upon us. That slippery slope they keep trying to insist doesn't exist is quite slippery.

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