Sunday 31 March 2013

The Three Levels of Liberal Consciousness

The Three Levels of Liberal Consciousness

When homosexuality was illegal people argued that once it was legal it was only a matter of time until they demanded that the law be changed again so that they could marry. Those who supported that homosexuality be legalised scoffed at the very notion. It’s interesting because it lays clear the three levels of Liberal consciousness.

1.     The Naive – "Their asking for so little, just to be legal, once they get it they will be satisfied, why would they want more?"

2.      The Muddleheaded – "I wouldn’t support such a radical idea, how could any right thinking person support such an idea?" Which works for awhile, but in time they find themselves on the wrong end of the progressive argument. They don’t want to be bigots or even worse be called bigots, so they get on board. Then they end up asking themselves, "How could I ever have had such backward views!"!

3.     The Radical – "Society is so backwards, keep pushing society will follow". Mostly it fails, sometimes it works. If the radical idea you support isn’t working, hop on board the radical idea that is working. They know the destruction that will be caused and many wouldn’t do it otherwise. They revel in destroying the past, they believe they are building the future. But the truth is they are much better at destroying than they are at building.

Now that this has been presented to you, it becomes clear that you’ve met all three of these Liberals, haven’t you? You see them in the media, in politics, at school and in the workplace, maybe in your own family or among your friends. 

Keep an eye out and next when you met a Liberal ask yourself which one of the above they are. Once you have worked out where they are arguing from it might make it easier to confront them and their views.

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  1. One is inclined to believe that 'the naive' are the most common for their question is regularly heard. It seems like many "right leaning" newspapers would fall into the 'muddle-headed' category. One example I can think of is the Telegraph. The 'radical,' it seems, often has done the most thinking on their cause and from that actively promote it.

  2. Dear Peter

    I think the "naive" group really are naive about the issue they support, but once the issue has been won or lost they move on and they can be very bitter if they believe their cause has been used. They can be turned against Liberalism if approached at the right moment in time.

    I would think that the majority of Liberals would be in the "muddleheaded" group as they are desperate to be on the right side of history.

    Your right about the "radicals" they are often the intellectuals of Liberalism, always pushing ideas, but not really knowing or caring about any connection to reality.