Sunday 17 March 2013

Unified Liberalism

Unified Liberalism

Like the two sides of a coin the two sides of Liberalism seem opposed to each other. Their perspective is totally different, each facing a different way, but that is an illusion. One side of a coin cannot exist without the other side and so it is with Liberalism. Right Economic Liberalism and Left Social Liberalism are mutually supporting, one cannot exist without the other. They fight on different fronts for the same cause, the same belief  

The belief they share in common is freedom, they believe that you and everyone else should be free. Free from the social and economic conditions that hold you back, free to make your own decisions, your own future. It sounds lovely doesn’t it?

In a good many ways it is lovely, but it’s first great problem is that it recognises no limits. Freedom is absolute or at least should be absolute, total autonomy is the goal. The Institutions that make up your life that give it meaning are only allowed if they do not get in the way of your absolute autonomy. If it gets in the way it must be removed or changed, it has no right to tell you what to do, to give you the absolute Autonomist a commandment. You are free you have no master, no overlord, no one can tell you to stop or even to slow down, according to Liberalism you are absolutely free, or at least should be.

This applies to your Nation, your Church, your Parents, in fact anyone or anything that thinks it has the right to give you guidance, in any way, how dare they stand in the way of your total freedom. They have no right, only you have rights. The Autonomist stands alone. But I ask you is it a freedom to be alone? When you are alone and without support how free are you? Is it freedom to be completely detached from Society as an Autonomist individual must be to be free?  

All of the Political parties in the last two posts are fighting for the same cause, Liberalism and every time we forget that we hand them power.

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