Wednesday 20 March 2013

Posting Comments

Posting Comments

Hello All

Until last week I was, like most of you, a reader not a writer of blogs, so my knowledge of the technicalities of how the site works is in it's infancy. If you would like to post a comment you need to either have a Gmail account or to sign up for one, it's free and doesn't take long to set up, I have 4. Once you have signed in you can post a comment. I agree it's abit of a bother, maybe in the future that won't be the case but until I work it out I'm afraid that is how it works.

The alternative is to send me an email and I will post the comment under your name or tag.

Just cut and past the above address into the address field of your email. Please let me know which post your referring too.

I look forward to hearing any questions, comments or constructive criticisms you may have.

Yours Sincerely
Mark Moncrieff

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