Sunday 24 March 2013

Lack of Perception

Lack of Perception

When I was a child I was smacked, I in turn have smacked children. It is a short, simple and in many cases effective form of discipline. According to some Liberals I am talking about assaults, I am both a victim and perpetrator of violence. To the rest of us we shake our heads in disbelief. Why is there such a great divide? 

It is because of the lack of perception of the Liberal.  They cannot tell the difference between a smack and a kick to the head! Most people would agree one may be appropriate but the other is never appropriate. To the Liberal it is all the same. This lack of perception is evidenced in domestic violence, child protection and hate crime laws. It is why they oppose capital punishment or other harsh sentences against criminals. All crime is bad why treat some crimes as worse than others, particularly if the crime isn’t against Liberalism. 

But if you cannot tell the difference between big and small issues or problems, how can you provide any answers with accuracy? 

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