Wednesday 28 July 2021

The Covid Scaredemic

Right from the start of Covid-19 we have all been treated to the Scaredemic. This is part of something that has has been going on for decades and each year it has gotten worse. The lack of perspective, the idea that everything is solvable and the retching up of apocalyptic language. The End Times, the End of History, the Apocalypse, whatever name you prefer, the end is nigh!

I first noticed this with the weather, just the normal weather reports. Every storm was the worst, everyone was worse than any before. We were constantly warned about how bad it was going to be. But in real life nearly everyone of those storms passed without death, injury or serious damage. Then came the next weather event and you had better brace yourself for the worst. Occasionally it was bad, as we all expect, but it was never the apocalypse. The hype of the newsroom has spread to the weather and now it is just how it is done. From politics to the weather to covid to, well everything, it seems that we cannot escape the hype. Sober reportage has gone the way of the dodo. 

With it has gone perspective, everything is the worst, the most extreme and maybe worst of all, history has ceased to exist. At each point we are denied perspective. Perspective being the ability to compare, but as each event is viewed in isolation and in the most extreme way, we cannot compare. That isolation is on purpose because it maintains the hype. We see this in politics, the media, business, each event is unique, isolated from other events, sometimes the worst since the end of the Cold War or WWII. Meaning that everything before that date is discounted. History ceasing to exist. 

Then we have the idea that everything is solvable, how often have you heard the phrase 'so this never happens again!'. As if it is within our power to stop evil, not some but all evil. That it is possible to eradicate it from existence. Here is a belief that we can be perfected, that it is possible and that it is desirable. But none of those things are true. Instead some problems are unsolvable and human perfectibility is neither possible nor desirable. 

The Covid Scaredemic has simply been a continence and an acceleration of past policy. With a lack of perspective, the idea that everything is solvable and the retching up of apocalyptic language.   

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  1. I think that's an inevitable consequence of democracy and mass media, which produce an atmosphere of hysteria and frantic calls for the government to do something.

    It used to be that if people looked out the window and noticed that it was raining they would accept that rainy days sometimes happen. Now people see a rainy day and their reaction is, "OMG, this is the worst thing that has ever happened, ever. The government must do something about it. The people responsible must be punished, so that this will never happen again."

    Democracy and mass media not only lead to permanent hysteria, they infantilise people.