Sunday, 25 July 2021

Shorthand Versus Longhand

Shorthand and longhand are forms of writing, longhand is normal writing where each word is written out. Shorthand is a way of writing quickly, for example to write down what someone is saying in a speech. But it is not like normal writing, it is more like a code. Today it is not used much, but only a few decades ago most secretaries were trained in it, as were journalists. Shorthand is also a phrase, which means give me the quick or short version.

In politics we often use shorthand as a way of quickly explaining things or as a way of assessing something. When everyone understands that it is shorthand then everything is fine, but too often shorthand becomes regarded as longhand. Reading in shorthand is hard as we are meant to read in longhand, but shorthand has it's place. Both in writing and in politics.

The JQ is an example of where shorthand can be useful. If someone doesn't know about the JQ you know they are a normie. It allows you to see quickly how much someone knows. It also allows you to find out if someone has gone too far in their thinking. When someone uses the JQ as longhand, as a way explain the entire way the world works, it loses any value that it had. Some things should stay as shorthand.

Although I notice the opposite problem with Feminism. Hardly anyone calls themselves a Feminist, yet most people support Feminism. Using shorthand here leads to much confusion. 

"Are you a Feminist?"

"No way, they are just man haters. I'm not like that!"

"So do you support women having professional jobs?"

"Of course!"

What they say and what they believe are two different things. That doesn't mean that shorthand doesn't work, but it does mean that shorthand has it's limitations just as it has it's uses.

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