Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Australian Pride March

Last Sunday the 25th June I attended the Australian Pride March in Melbourne. As we are in the Southern Hemisphere it's winter here, although the weather has until a week or two ago been quite mild. In the last few weeks it has gotten very cold and the top temperature on Sunday was 14 degrees Celsius (that's 57 degree Fahrenheit).

The march is the first one for the year formed up at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton Gardens for an 11:30 start. The first Patriots arrived around 9:30 and Police were already on site. Unfortunately the Left also turned up around 10:00 and started their normal mindless chanting. The Police were quite firm with them this time and kept them away from us. I however didn't arrive until after the march had already started and I joined the back of the march about half way to the Victorian State Parliament, which was were we were heading.

On the way Police formed a line separating the march from the Leftists protesting our right to be there. The Leftist then left to form a new line on Bourke Street directing in front of the Parliament but around 100 metres from it. We marched to the steps of the Parliament were three speakers spoke. The Left tried to down out our speakers by playing loud music, we should get our own sound system if they want to play that game. The Police had the vast majority of their members facing the Left and only a line of Police horses facing us. I should add that there were even more Police horses facing the Left. The speakers only spoke for about 15-20 minutes which was good. While we were there it started to rain, fortunately only for a minute or two. When it stopped I looked up and to my right was open blue sky, to the left clouds. We then moved off back to the Royal Exhibition Building where some further short speeches we made and then the march ended. 

Some Thoughts:

The Police were there in numbers and they looked after the Patriots, always making sure the two groups were separated.

I did not see any violence at all, but in the footage screened on the news they had scenes of violence. The Left tried to follow us back to our start point but the Police stopped them and all of the violence was between the Left and Police, regardless of what was said on the news. 

The True Blue Crew who organised the march were flying Australian flags and were wearing clothes with flags on them, the Police made sure they were protected even after the march finished.

It seems the Police have finally worked out that the Patriots don't start fights we finish them. If the Left attacked us we would fight without question, but that is not what we went there to do. We went to show our pride in our heritage and our country.

The Police did very well and my only complaint was that once again they filmed us for Intelligence purposes. 

Numbers were down on last year, somewhere around 200 people, maybe less. But it was the first march of the year and it was a cold day.

We still outnumbered the Left.

One thing that made me happy was more than once I heard a Patriot call the Left Traitors to their face, it's true they are and it's good to see people voicing that fact.

This is going to be an annual event, this year was the second. 

Many people look at the news footage and feel that they will be in danger if they go, but most of the people on our side were fit young men. Having said that I saw a young women in a wheelchair, another man on a mobility scooter, older men and women were also there. Patriots come in all shapes and sizes and it was great to see them all there.

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