Saturday 11 July 2020

The Eighty-Eightieth Month

This month has been a bit extreme for me politically speaking. I have had some great success and some failures. Ironically my great success has highlighted my failure. I was invited to speak at the XYZ Conference and my talk is available on Youtube and on Bitchute. The first 50 minutes is my talk with the remaining time being a Q and A. So far it has had 440 views on Youtube and 60 on Bitchute, 500 is a good number!

We are also up on Podbean, with thanks to one who wishes to remain anonymous, but who has done sterling work in getting all of the Youtube clips transferred.

But it also highlights how little has been achieved, how even on the right we are swimming against the tide. The WWII revisionism really gets to me, it makes me wonder if I'm even on the right side. To think that they fought on the wrong side and to still think your on your peoples side, it absolutely disgusts me. So why do I work with them? Because they actually get off their arse and fight back. I had someone say to me this week that Traditionalists don't have any fire in their belly....and it's true.

I also had two other incidents that have me questioning what I'm doing and if there is any hope of success. Even on the right it seems that there is no place for me. It seems that every success highlights more problems. Maybe I should withdraw and let others have their way without me pushing unpopular opinions. The passivity, the lack of loyalty and the revisionism is taking it's toll.

Of course if I do withdraw then I'm back to square one. All of this has had an affect on the blog as I have things to write about, things I've even started, but I don't feel the enthusiasm to finish. I hope that changes soon.

Blogger has also changed how it does things and this month it plans to change completely from the old format to the new. This month I'm going to provide the 11th June-11th July instead of giving the last two months.

My best day in the past month was the 30th June when I had 281 visitors, my worst day was the 20th June when I had 67 visitors. Over that month I had 3,845 visitors, in June I had 4,080 visitors. This week, unusually, I have had more Australian than American visitors.

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  1. Don't give up of course, my current motto is a quote from
    Jonathan Bowden:

    But the first thing that we have to do is to say, “I walk towards the tunnel, and I'm on my own, and I'm not afraid. And I have no regrets.