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Australian Suicide Bomber?

Australian Suicide Bomber?

Last Friday I was watching the news reports on MH17, the Malaysian Airlines plane shot down over the Ukraine killing all 298 passengers and crew. It is of course a big story here, particularly as 28 Australians were killed, with another 9 resident in Australia and 6 visitors on their way to Melbourne for an international AIDS conference. But it was a big news day and as if this tragic event wasn't enough I then saw the Israeli retaliation in Gaza with Hamas using their own people as human shields and our media falling for it, yet again. Then a third news item came on about a suicide bombing in a marketplace in Northern Iraq that killed 4. But the interesting thing about this was that the suicide bomber was Australian, or should that be "Australian"?

It turns out he was the second "Australian" suicide bomber, some reports say he was the third. Now I ask you what kind of Australian name is Abu Bakr al-Australi? We all know it's not an Australian name, it's an Arabic name, a fake Arabic name at that. Two of the suicide bombers have used this alias before carrying out their evil actions. The media are happy to call them Australian. But now I ask you a second question, what makes an Australian think of going on jihad and then deciding to become a suicide bomber? The answer is Islam and particularly it's political offshoot Islamism. What does Islam have to do with Australia? Until 1967, the answer was very little.

In the late 1800's the first Muslims came to Australia as camel drivers, they lived very tough lives running caravans out into the centre of Australia which is mostly desert. They were always called Afghans, but most would have come from whats now Pakistan and nearly all were men, about 1000. When they married it was mostly to white Australian women who converted to Islam and in time they grow to a few thousand spread around Australia. The only real trouble they caused was in 1914 when we went to war against the Ottoman Empire, two shot up a trainload of picnickers killing one man. But apart from that I haven't heard of any other serious problems. And over time their numbers few, all that changed in 1967.

In 1967 the Australian Government decided to extend our immigration program to Turkey and that began the influx of Muslims into Australia. In the 1970's immigration was extended to every country in the world. But what really started increasing the numbers was the civil war in Lebanon. From here the numbers grew slowly until the 1990's when large numbers of Muslims started to enter Australia. And how have we been repaid?

Just like in many other Western countries, Islamist terrorist cells have been arrested for plotting mass murder upon us. Others are under monitoring from our Intelligence service and our military, police and emergency services train for what they will do if one of these plots isn't discovered in time. Now we keep hearing about how worried the Politicians and our Intelligence chiefs are worried that jihadists who have trained and fought in Syria and/or Iraq should return and want to continue the fight. We have been luckier than some in that we have not had a successful terrorist attacks within Australia, but unluckier than others as 88 Australians were killed in a terrorist attack in Bali and others have been killed in other places.

Now some argue that that is only a tiny minority and they are correct, they argue that most Muslims are just normal people seeking to get on with their life and again they are correct. But that doesn't change the fact that the Australian Government imported a problem that we didn't have and I might add didn't need. Again you might argue that the Government cannot predict the future, to which I wholeheartedly agree. That leads us to two points, firstly thats an argument for a more cautious approach and secondly, while the Government may not be able to predict the future it certainly can understand the past and to a lesser degree the present.

But Islamic immigration into Australia has not stopped, nor has it decreased, no it continues unabated, it seems with no end in sight. At the same time we know that the war against Islamism has not ended and that means we must constantly watch over our shoulders to make sure we are safe. Our own Government, Labor and Liberal have made us less safe, less secure and have destroyed our peace of mind. And for what?

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