Wednesday 15 July 2020

Why Are There So Many Cowards?

Recently a friend of mine talked about how cowardly the people at his work were.  How they went along with every harebrained idea management came up with. Politically they were as Woke as anything the management could come up with. But their cowardliness extended to mismanagement. It was more important to do something badly then to confront anyone over their mismanagement.

Now nothing that I have written will be a surprise to most people, most of this could have been written and been true fifty years ago. Although not all. I think things have gotten worse and for good reason. Fifty years ago people had job security and they had the support of most organisations in society. The government, business and the unions wanted people in secure employment, today that isn't true at all.

What changed?

Fifty years ago most people thought family was important, that a man who did not have a wife and children was in some way suspect. To use a modern term, he didn't have any skin in the game. A father has to worry about the future because he has a stake in it. Whats important to remember is that this was the default position, not to hold it was rare. That means that at practically every level in ever organisation this was true. It gave a stability that today doesn't exist in anything like it did.

Fifty years ago most people thought that class was something permanent, at least for them, maybe their children could be a different class, maybe. Class solidarity was something real and true for all classes. Each guarded it's rights and privileges jealously, the things that made it distinct, the things that gave it character.

Fifty years ago there was no such things as gender, there were two sexes, male and female and everyone was one of four types. A man, a women, a boy or a girl and it was unchanging and solid, a constant. Marriage was also regarded as permanent and the idea that a parent would be prevented from seeing their own children was something that happened in dictatorships. Family was forever!

Fifty years ago most people lived near where they were born. Immigrants certainly existed but it was possible to live somewhere and have no contact at all with an immigrant. Imagine that...if you can!

Fifty years ago people thought a job was for life, there really did exist permanent lifelong employment, that was true until the late eighties. 

Everything and everyone had a place and most people couldn't imagine a world in which that would not be true. That included the organisations that these people belonged to or who's purpose was to serve them. When people complained there was the idea that even if they were wrong they would have support, that they would not be a lone voice crying in the wilderness. Even that wasn't always true, but it was much truer then than it is now. 

Today people are taught not to stick up for themselves, not to create waves. Anti-bullying programs are not about protecting people, they are about keeping people in their place. In the past if you saw someone doing something weird you called them out, today that's called bullying. Honesty is discouraged at every turn, don't tell the weirdo that they are weird, because that's not allowed. Instead you must learn to suppress what you think and follow the program and that has occurred at every level of society. 

But why?

Why have people gone along with this?

Because there is no solidarity today, everything that seemed solid and permanent is crumbling before our eyes. You cannot count on peoples loyalty anymore, they might not be actively working against you, but they won't protect you either. That lack of support has made people passive, scared of losing what they have. We all know the competition for jobs out there and it has been that way for decades. Each year there is more competition, more university graduates, more immigration. To keep what you have you need to toe the line, no outbursts, no unpopular opinions, no mistakes, no being human.

How long can people be robots?

Until we are replaced by the robots?

Courage is easy when it doesn't cost anything, how brave will you be when it is your turn? 

This all breeds incompetence and slowly things will begin to fail. The only answer is for us to provide support to each other. We need to speak up for each other and we need to financially support each other. Hire our own people and be loyal to them. Support people on our side who we know need our help. We need to stop being individualists and start providing solidarity to each other. To be men and to watch each others backs. Organise!

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  1. I have identified a couple reasons:

    (1) Diversity: as you note, there is no longer a culture, sense of unity, or the easy familiarity that genetic similarity bestows.

    (2) Social mobility: everyone is heading higher up than they should be, which means that no one has a really stable job, as there are dozens of people waiting to take it for less money just to have the job title.

    When people stay at each job for a few years just to get a promotion and then take that title to a new job for more money, no one is going to rock the boat. You give management what they want and hide all problems so that they stay invisible until you are long gone.

    That's how one "succeeds" at a system.

    In contrast, success at a normal economy in a functional nation consists of delivering long-term value, but almost no one is thinking in those terms. We have gone the way of the Soviets by having a system so pervasive that obeying it is more important than getting good results in reality.

  2. I also see in my co-workers this idea of "tolerance". Although well aware of problems, they believe being tolerant and extending grace to others is what our society somehow needs. Somehow, we have to see truth as being paramount. Truth given with respect is vital. Somehow, we have come to believe that tolerance and feelings are more important than truth.

  3. Because we abolished capital punishment for cowardice? Seriously though, courage isn't highly valued in modern culture anyway, and men were taught to find their feminine side, hence the results.

  4. Beautifully written synopsis of the demise of society, I love the short direct sentences and simple vocab. Why has all this happened ? Many complex reasons, but I note the 2nd last sentence, " To be men and to watch each others backs. "....This social corrosion has been able to occur because men have been emasculated, men are no longer leaders, but puppy dogs tethered by feminists leashes. Men who seek to be courageous, original leaders, are deemed aggressive / bigots / misogynists. The crises is bought about because men, are not fathers, there are few good fathers. Good fathers dont just happen, they are produced by good mothers and fathers. Given that 50% of boys now grow up in fractured families, with no love and discipline and nurture of a father, so that they learn to be loving leaders and protectors of women, it is inevitable that we will have dysfunctional men, and more brokenness. So there are fewer real men, but more automatons, products of the state. More narcissists, skilled at computer games, but no skills in being a husband or father, or being able to change a tyre. Perpetual victims, Labor / democrat voters. Thus the world ends, not even with a whimper