Friday, 3 July 2020

XYZ Conference, My Talk

I apologise to anyone who tried to watch my talk and couldn't. On Monday night Tom Sewell spoke and Youtube took his talk down. They also stopped any new uploads to that channel, so an alternative channel was found. Unfortunately I was given the wrong link by mistake. My talk is now available on both Youtube and Bitchute.

Youtube link

Bitchute link

I am very happy with my presentation and I encourage you to both view it and to pass it on to others. It is probably the most compact presentation of Traditionalism out there. My talk goes for just under 50 minutes and the rest is a Q and A that I also thought went quite well. The first few minutes it seems like nothing is going to happen, that is because it was a livestream and the livestream hadn't started when recording began. After a few minutes it starts by itself.

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