Sunday 19 July 2020

Link Love XIII

13, unlucky for some, but someone had to get put into number 13. As I have not been writing as such as I should be. As I want to. Here are some links to things that I have found to be quite good.

In the past two months in particular Mr. Neal over at Throne, Altar, Liberty has been writing up a storm. These three are excellent, but considering how much he has been writing it was hard to pick and it was hard to keep it down to three!

The Father

Scrap Social Sciences - Especially Sociology

The Subversion of Anthropology

An interesting idea to think on

The Original View of Original Sin

A view from The Atlantic magazine in 1903 on why women don't want the vote

Why Women Do Not Wish The Suffrage

The Franco-Prussian was started a fews day ago, 150 years ago. This article talks about why it's still important.

The Tory Tradition, something every Traditionalists should know.

Why we stopped trusting 'experts'

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