Sunday 6 January 2019

Racism and Other Nonsense Words

Racism is a strange word, it's one of the few words in the English language that can change meaning within the space of a sentence. When I was growing up racism meant to hate someone of another race without reason. And today many people still use that definition.

However what if you have a good reason to hate someone of another race? Is that still racism? Most people would say yes, okay.

But it also apparently means wanting less immigration or wanting to live among your own people, just like your ancestors did. It means being loyal to strangers before being loyal to your own people or even yourself. Often those on the Right find that it is hard to argue against being called a racist, even when race is not on their minds at all. Sadly it often wins arguments for Liberals and Leftists because the person on the Right doesn't know how to argue back.

The issue is loyalty, nearly everyone on the Right believes in loyalty. That's not true of Liberals and Leftists. How can they be loyal when they are rebelling against their own family and upbringing? How can they be loyal when they believe that their race, society and civilization is wrong and needs to be replaced? In the case of Liberals how can they be loyal when they believe that there is no such thing as a group identity?

The idea that you want to be left alone to live your life is not something that they understand. That you don't want to live among strangers is also a strange idea for them to grasp. As far as they are concerned the only reason that you want these things is because you hate. They are already betraying themselves for what they believe are higher ideals, betraying you is nothing. They have no loyalty to you, or me, it is an entirely foreign concept. They also have no empathy, that is why they talk through you, not too you.

The reason that they do this is because they believe something that is not true, they believe in equality. In a nutshell, equality is the idea that everyone is equal and equal means the same, interchangeable. But that's not true, because it cannot be true. People are both similar to other people and at the same time different. If I turn up on your doorstep and said I was your mother, you would know I was lying. I'm nothing like your mother. In other words your mother and I are not interchangeable. We each have our distinct differences, while still retaining similarities. People are different both as individuals and in groups. It's commonsense, which is why it doesn't make any sense to Liberals and Leftists at all.

Being called a racist is like when you were seven and you were told you had boy germs or girl germs. It's use is to separate you from the group and to let others know that they shouldn't associate with you. What it is not is an attempt to show your position accurately. If you are called a racist and they are the same race as you call them a traitor and demand to know why they aren't loyal to you. When they say that they aren't loyal to racists, let them know that loyalty is a two way street and that means that you will show then the same amount of loyalty that they have shown you.

Racism, like Nazi and White supremacist are nonsense words, words that mean whatever they want them to mean. Treat them as nonsense words.

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  1. Great essay.


    Very true and well said.

  2. I live in a pretty much all white neighbourhood (I say pretty much as I don't really know for sure, but i have never seen a non-white person here) but I still live around total strangers

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