Tuesday 8 January 2019

The Difference Between Strangers and Total Strangers

On my last post I had the following comment from Digger Nick:

I live in a pretty much all white neighbourhood (I say pretty much as I don't really know for sure, but i have never seen a non-white person here) but I still live around total strangers.

What Digger Nick lives with are strangers,but I live among total strangers.

Whats the Difference?

A stranger is someone who you don't know.

A total stranger is someone with whom you have nothing in common. A total stranger is foreign and alien.

I live in a place where I'm expected to treat people of different races, ethnicities, religions as if they are my countrymen, but they aren't. I don't speak their languages, I don't worship their Gods. They are more than just strangers, they are more than simply people I don't know. I now live in a place that is foreign. I stayed and my country left.

When I say total strangers, that's what I mean!

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1 comment:

  1. When you live in a non-White/Anglo nation, you find it much easier to "be yourself" with those who share your culture. While there may be nothing wrong with the locals, it is difficult to relate to their culture, mannerisms, family environment, language etc. They struggle to relate to yours. Bars in Asia and the Mid-East are packed with Anglo-Saxon people having a drink together despite being married to locals. They unwind and get everything out while they can. This is not something exclusive to white people. When Asians (Chinese, Indian, Japanese, etc) come to study or live in Australia/USA, they stick to their own. Walk around your local CBD - Chinese people walking around together not 5 Chinese and 5 Lebanese. Groups of Sudanese get around together despite being born in Australia and going to separate schools - they find each other and relate to each other. Like anything that goes against the Progressive narrative, it must be that white people are not welcoming enough and that is why newcomers can't integrate. This is nonsense of course as every society on earth has concerns about their community being adulterated.