Saturday, 29 December 2018

2018 Review

Over the past week I have had terrible writers block, I have sat down to write and nothing has come out. In fact I have already written more than all those other attempts combined. The real problem was that I have written on so many topics that when I became excited by a topic I found I had already written on it. Bullying check, domestic violence check and so it went on, then I thought I might do a round up of the year.

It didn't take long for 2018 to take a bad turn, when in February my Mother died. Fortunately, with three days still to go, the year didn't get any worse. I had Britfest, a celebration of British heritage and culture to help keep me busy, it was a great success and in 2019 we are doing it all over again.

On the political front The Melbourne Traditionalists has had their best year ever, something I've very happy with. We have had more people become interested in being involved, with our last meeting being the best ever in terms of number of attendees. And of course we had our First Melbourne Traditionalists Conference, which was great! I really enjoyed the talks and meeting the people, to be honest it was so exciting to see an idea come to fruition.

I also participated in my first election campaign this year the Victorian state election. I handed out leaflets for an independent candidate on our side. The day of the election was quite dark, was the result. But on the third day I started to change my tune, the candidate received 2.5% of the vote with only two weeks campaigning. Now that isn't much of the vote but it was fourth place out of nine candidates. It got me to thinking about how to do it better and to really get our way of thinking out there. I'm looking forward to trying to put some of those ideas into practice in 2019.

Unfortunately I also found more evidence of people not thinking the problems of our times through. People who say they are against immigration but have never thought about race or ethnicity. People who hate how society is but think the changes that have occurred since the 60's are good. People who hate Feminism but think men and women are equal. It's amazing how many people cannot think logically, depressing actually.

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