Friday, 25 May 2018

Things Missed

Today would have been my Mothers 78th birthday and as luck would have it I found a note she had written entitled "Things Missed". I believe it may have been for one of the grandchildren's school projects asking about what things used to be like. From the other messages with it I think it's around 10 years old. It starts at number 5 so I assume there were other parts to it, maybe I'll find it, maybe I won't, maybe it never existed, however I think whats here is interesting.

"5/ While loving shopping centres they are getting a little to upmarket and forgetting shops like the old country store that stocked not only a large variety but also value, customer service and friendliness.

Children being able to go to the park or local shop on their own in safety as more people would be about keeping an eye out.

People are still basically the same, good, bad, etc., but are always in a rush, trying to fit everything into the time they have. Some parents seem to have forgotten that they are in charge or are frightened to say yes or no in the proper order.

6/ I have found a lot of very polite and friendly young people, who will offer a seat, or open a door just as quickly as some older folk will. Maybe it's a case of how you treat people as to how your treated. (I do fantastic)"

I do fantastic made me laugh because it was true she did do fantastic. The other thing that jumps out at me is how much common sense there is there. Something so uncommon now a days.

I miss that.

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  1. I will say a prayer for your mom at Mass today. God bless!