Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Melbourne Traditionalists, June, 2018

Here we are nearly half the year in with our next meeting of the Melbourne Traditionalists coming up. As always I encourage everyone who thinks like us to do more than read or get angry about the state of the world. Only when we build up groups will we be capable of doing anything. Slowly groups are forming and things are happening. However the old saying is true, many hands make light work.

If your in Melbourne Australia and you are interested in making contact, send me an email at:


On another happy note I will be adding a new group to my list of links. I have been asked to write for, the first article is an old one that I would like to get a wider audience, setting up a conservative group in real life.

The Guiding Principles of the Melbourne Traditionalists

1. Loyalty to the Crown of Australia

2. Loyalty to our British and Western heritage

3.Loyalty to the Family, Husband and Wife, Mother and Father and their children

4. Opposition to Liberalism, Right Liberalism, Left Liberalism and Feminism

5. Opposition to the destruction of White Australians, opposed to Multiculturalism, Mass Immigration and Diversity

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