Friday 1 June 2018

Why I Support Tommy Robinson

As I'm a week late on this I won't go into any of the details as to what happened. Instead I will state simply that I support Tommy Robinson and that I despair of those on the Right who don't. Here I will go through some of the arguments that have been made as to why we should not support him and why I reject them.

He broke the law!
A basic principle of the law, in fact plain common sense, is that justice must not only be done but it must be seen to be done. When a Judge or the Government says that a trial must be conducted in secret it is a gross violation of the spirit of English law. That is exactly what happened here and people are defending it. They say "but the Judge said!". The issue is that the Judge should never have been allowed to say such a thing. That such a thing, a secret trial, has been allowed to take place is simply wrong. Why is it that this particular trial was being conducted as if it was secret? We all know why and it isn't good enough.

Justice was not done and justice has not been seen to have been done.

He violated parole!
Again we have people simply going along with this injustice. He was in violation of an order that should not exist. He is a political prisoner, not a criminal, why is it that so many on the Right can ignore this?

He is a Civic-Nationalist!
I am not a Civic-Nationalist, I don't care about someone's paperwork, I care about their blood. So we are on opposite sides here. But to win we must ally ourselves with the least objectionable people so that we can defeat those who are most objectionable. Tommy Robinson is good on only one issue, he is against Islam and the effects it has had on the West. So am I, so why would I not support him on this issue? Why isn't everybody?

He supports Israel!
It's a non-issue because the one thing he does well is not support Israel. The one thing he does well is that he opposes Islam. I don't care how he feels about homosexual marriage because it's not relevant, nor do I care about most of his opinions because they are not relevant. He does good work opposing Islam, it's that simple.

He did this for publicity!
Many people are ready to talk about how someone should do something, but when someone does do something are quick to condemn. Tommy Robinson does not simply talk the talk, he has gone to prison for what he believes, to defend his country and his people. He did that because he likes the attention!

How much attention do you think he got when he was in solitary confinement?

It's one thing I hate about the Right, we are quick to attack those on our own side, particularly if someone actually does something. It's quite pathetic.

I will leave you with a story from 1945, the first year of the Cold War. A middle aged Communist in New York City has become ill, it's touch and go whether he will live or not. His fellow Communists turn their backs on him because he is of no further use to them. But someone does pay him attention, an FBI man. He begins to visit him and they talk about politics, his illness, about life. The FBI man also helps with some money. The man recovers his health but the experience has changed him. He changes sides and becomes a spy for the FBI. He stayed in the Communist movement, he meets with a great number of the leading Communists in the world. And he passed on that information to his FBI contact for 30 years. Do you think any of that would have happened if that FBI Man had not made an effort?

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  1. pete moncrieff2 June 2018 at 01:55

    This dude has his heart in the right place, and if supporting his own community is wrong then all decent people who oppose rape are wrong ,The silent majority of the worlds population is not wrong.
    Activist muslims and polictally correct western speakers are only increasing tensions , not facing reality on the ground.
    all people need to be treated equally ,which on face value is not the case with this incident

  2. You could even make a case that the government want him dead and are hoping he will be murdered in prison.