Sunday, 13 May 2018

Things I Admire About the Left

The broad Left, which includes Liberalism, has a number of attractive attributes. Things that I wish existed on the broad Right. Thats not to say I admire the Left, simply that it has been successful for a reason and in many ways we should seek to emulate them....on these points at least.

One major problem I see on the Right is that we are inpatient. We want things fixed right away. On the Left they may demand that things happen right away but they will accept even small victories. Everything is gradual, everything is slow, everything takes time and they accept that. The slippery slope is an artform that the Left understands. They never reject a victory, whether it be great or small, everything that advances their cause they accept.

Solidarity (Never punch Left)
The Left look after each other, behind the scenes every part of the Left hates every other part of the Left, but hardly ever do they do that hating in public. If Charlottesville had been a Leftist protest those involved would be treated a Martyrs. They would be on TV, in magazines, they would be treated as heroes. The Left looks after the Left. Why can't we do that? Why can't we look after our own? Why do we feel the need to attack them? The Left recruits other Leftists, not just in politics but for employment. They look after each other, when was the last time you heard of someone on the Right giving someone a job just because they were also on the Right?

The Left has never denounced Communism and they never will and it doesn't matter if they are Communists or not. They look after each other. If a Leftist organises a rally and three people show up, they don't denounce him, they don't let everyone know how stupid or pathetic he is. No, what they do is they protect him, "What rally? No that a joke nothing was organised". They lie, they deny, but they never ever betray him....thats admirable. Why do we feel the need to betray our own?

All of that requires discipline, they get rid of people who aren't disciplined. They look after everyone in their movement, at least politically. They do not betray their crazies because they know they need them. Not all the time, but they need them. Instead they control them and that requires discipline. If people are not prepared to be disciplined then they ostracize them until they get the message and they leave. That takes discipline.

Active in everything
There is no area of life that the Left does not get it's sticky fingers into, it is active everywhere and in everything. It is active in politics, in art, in education in everything. That is why we need to fight it everywhere. It is also why we are constantly outflanked. Things we don't think about they do, they are always looking to affect things, nothing is sacred and nothing is off limits. Until we are prepared to get our hands as dirty as the Left they will continue to outflank us.

Something for everyone
No matter what level of involvement someone is committed to the Left accommodates. You like to protest, no problem, you like to letter writes, no problem, you like to organise, no problem. They always find people for the job and vice versa. They also let people stay in the area of the Left that they want to, your an environmentalist, then stay in that field. Your an animal liberationist, a homosexual activist, a Feminist, the Left is a big tent. We need to do the same.

Never giving up
This one is so important, they never give up, they just keep fighting. Even when they have suffered a total defeat, they simply move on to another issue. They never give up. Until we come to the same conclusion we cannot win.

The Left has much not to admire, but they also have things that we should not only admire but that we should copy. We need to fight better and we need to do better full stop!

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  1. Even Lenin told the German when they sent him off on his mission to Russia: "we will study your methods and improve on them."

  2. pete moncrieff2 June 2018 at 01:08

    the problem is not left or right , the problem is both sides want to pander to the polls and not what the silent majority want.

  3. the Left has much, much, much more time to push for their causes, as they have all the unproductive people and professional rent-seekers who rely on activism to get more gibs from government