Monday 21 May 2018

Things I Hate About the Left

My last article was about the things I admire about the left, but of course I do not admire the Left at all. Only things that I want us to steal and use against them. However just as I thought about the those things, I also thought about the things I hate about the Left.

Pretending that they care
The Left don't care about people or institutions, some individuals do but they are the outliers. In reality the "compassion" they talk about is about using these things as a weapon. The weapon is then used to destroy. Destruction is not compassion and when it has served it's purpose then the old weapon is discarded and a new weapon is chosen. They sometimes do good but that is not why they pretend to care.

The reason they pretend to care is so they can use emotionalism. What's emotionalism? It is where emotion is used to replace logic. It's not important what the issue is or what the facts are, whats important are how does the issue make you feel. Stop thinking and start feeling. When you do that then you allow someone else to do your thinking for you. Which is exactly what the Left want.

They very much like their 5 minute hates. A specialty of emotionalism.

Heres another annoying one, where they think or feel something and pretend that that is what you think or feel. Once you work out that they are trying to project their bizarro ideas upon you then it's like water off a ducks back. However most people do not understand this and they accept the projection as real, which is why the Left do it. The Left are so bizarre they even come to believe it themselves.

The Left is very anti-Israel now days, guess who supported the creation of the "Zionist apartheid state"....yes thats right the Left. They twist and turn in their beliefs because they look at who is most powerful. So when Jews had little power they supported the Jews, now that Israel exists and is successful they support the Palestinians. They don't care about either peoples, they are simply weapons. The entire conflict is used as a weapon by the Left. If the Palestinians start winning they'll be back to loving Israel, because thats how they roll.

The broad Left believes in an end to history, a time when life is so close to perfect that it basically is perfect. Liberalism believes in the Autonomous Individual, Communism believes in the classless society. However to achieve any of these goals they must deconstruct what already exists in order to make way for it. And deconstruct is simply another word for destruction. In other words their aim is destruction, plain and simple. They are incapable of building, all they can do is destroy.

Parasitic (Entryism)
Because they can only destroy they take over Institutions and use them to their ends. They don't create new businesses, no, instead they take over an existing one and use it to achieve their goals. They use their patience to support fellow travelers entering and they prevent others from entering. They drive us from the public square and take control of it for themselves. The one things that gives me comfort is the recent saying "Go Woke, Go Broke". Being woke means that you accept the things that the Left says. But once a company does that they do tend to go bankrupt, I just wish they could achieve the same results in government without taking the rest of us down.

Everything about the Left is bad, but the one I hate the most is how they lie. They lie instinctively without any shame or remorse. In fact quite the opposite, they revel in their own filth. No lie is too bare faced to use, no lie to harsh. Like the Devil they are the masters of deception. They use all of their talents to advance their cause.

The Left must be defeated!

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  1. At least with regard to the American left:

    1. They prefer appearance over results. If you get school lunches for the kids but 95 % of the food is thrown away because it is basically inedible then appearance is preferred over result.

    2. No reciprocity of goodwill from the left to the right. There is reciprocity of goodwill from the right to the left. The left considers those on the right to be EVIL.

    3. Left wing girls will not date right wing boys. Politics becomes the over-riding factor even in personal life and in a bad way.

  2. Sorry about the language, but the are gutter crawlers, they are fucking filth....they are ruining our once great society...I hate them.