Wednesday, 4 January 2017

You're Not A Conservative If You Believe:

You’re not a Conservative if you believe:

That Utopia is desirable or achievable

That it is possible or desirable to create perfect people

That it is possible or desirable to create a perfect Government

That it is possible or desirable to create a society without social classes

That it is possible or desirable for there to be no rich or poor

That it is possible or desirable to make people equal

That men and women are equal

That different Races are equal

That two random individuals are equal

That intelligence is the most important human attribute

That it is possible or desirable to love everyone

That theory is more important than reality

That people are disposable

That your people are disposable

That there is no difference between people

That your country is just a place

That there are more than two sexes

That people can change their sex

That there are no limits to human experience or knowledge

That man is God

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  1. Why do you say that there is limit to human experience or knowledge? How do you know that? And if so, what's the limit of his knowledge? How do you know that people could not change their sex sometime in the future? You said that man is not God, but you surely act like it,trying to pinpoint exactly what a human is and should behave. Like humanity is rigidly fixed forever in some sort of mold.

    If utopia is not achievable or desirable, why so much christians said they are conservative? Thinking about the return of Jesus and the end of times, when all will be perfect?

    Reality should be more important than theory. I agree with that but it seems to me that a lot of people are really arrogant with that fact. The right is no exception. They seem to know exactly what is reality in all his complexity. Like they can know. And you have the guts to say that man cannot be God.

    1. Mr. Leconte

      English may not be your first language so that may explain why you failed basic English comprehension. If you believe these things, you are not a Conservative, I said nothing about all people, only Conservatives.

      You may be able to believe these things and be a Liberal or a Communist or something else, but if you do you are not a Conservative.

      How do I know that there is a limit to human experience or knowledge? Well the best example is that it is impossible to prove or to disprove the existence of God. Faith that God exists, or faith that God does not exist is exactly that, faith.

      Although maybe you would like a more secular answer? So think about this, I have no idea if the photograph in your profile is of you or if that is your real name. In regards to you I have reached my current limit of experience and knowledge. And the more I investigated your life the more questions I will uncover and as I discover answers I will not find answers to other questions. I could never know everything about you no matter how much time or effort I spent.

      In regards to what is the limit of knowledge, no one can answer that because no one has all of the information available to them.

      You raise an interesting point about Jesus, but the generally accept definition of Utopia is a man made heaven on Earth. If Jesus returns it will be heaven made not man made.

      Finally you wrote " Like humanity is rigidly fixed forever in some sort of mold.". Today man is the same as he has been for all of history and there is no reason to think that the future will be any different. But if man does change then he will become something new, he will no longer be man but instead he will be a new species. Maybe better maybe worse, but no longer human, a decedent of man but not man himself.

      Mark Moncrieff