Wednesday 25 January 2017

Can We Use the Tactics of the Left?

The short answer to that is yes and no. Which I accept is not very useful so lets look in further detail at each in turn.

For far too long Conservatives have been too nice, much nicer than the Left and it has gotten us nowhere. We lost focus, we became timid, we began in many cases to use the language of the Left. My favourite example comes from the United States where you hear Conservatives (and Cuckservatives) say "Democrats are the real racists!". The problem with this is that you have given the initiative to the Left, you have also accepted that the way that they view the world is the correct one. The Alt-Right has quite correctly rejected being nice, it does what the Left does, it fights, it argues, it screams and it is often cruel and merciless. It accepts something that the Left has believed in for more than a century. We are not two sides of a debate, we are enemies and we are at war.

So yes we can be loud, we can fight, we can argue, we can be cruel and merciless, just like the Left is. Conservatives once thought that as we want a civilized society we must be civilized. But the Left does not believe in a civilized society. We cannot afford to lose to them, but in the main we are losing to them. We need to fight to win, because only our victory will maintain civilization.

But the answer is also no, we cannot use the tactics of the Left. And the reason we cannot use their tactics against them is because they require, lies, they require deception and self-deception, they require us to become what we reject. I think it is best to provide an example of what I mean. Imagine a basketball club, that club has a committee and a Leftist joins that committee. They tell people that they want to get onto the committee because they want to give something back to the club, they tell people that they want a fairer selection process. It sounds nice but what does a "fairer selection process" mean? It means not selecting the team based on who are the best players but on some other criteria. Not enough short players get selected, positions should be rotated so each player gets a chance to find out what their good at, they should be more inclusive and include people who normally wouldn't play the game. But in all of this the good of the club or the team is unimportant, because they are both tools to be manipulated to achieve others aims.

People often ask why don't we do what they do? Why don't we lie and deceive? Because for most of us we aren't capable of it. I'm not saying we are to good to lie or to deceive, what I am saying is we regard those things as bad but the Left does not. For the Left that is their standard operating procedure, but it isn't ours. We are too blunt, we say what we think, we are very bad at being deceitful, we are also individuals not collectivists. We try to do our own thinking, we don't fall into line when policy changes as the Left does.

That is why we have been so good at memes and laughing at the Left and their antics. We are not tied to one way of thinking, we think for ourselves. But it also means we are not good at collective action like the Left is, no million man or women marches for us. The Left thinks that they are the rebels, but actually we are better at guerrilla warfare than they are. Our biggest problem is that we need to become as organised as they are.

I am so glad that we have stopped being nice. Nothing is beneath them, they call people Nazi's because they believe in the exact same things that Winston Churchill did. For far too long we thought of them as honourable, but they have no honour.

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  1. Our biggest problem is that we need to become as organised as they are.

    Definitely. But we need to be organised for victory, not for defence. We need to be organised to carry the fight to the SJWs and globalists rather than merely responding to their attacks.

  2. One might also note that with such criteria for choosing players the team would probably go on a losing streak. It is a fitting analogy indeed. Organizations the left take over reliably go down hill.