Friday 20 January 2017

President Trump is the Last Chance

Ever since I have been old enough to follow politics I have in relation to the US Presidential election that this election, whichever year it happened to be, was the most important. This time I think it's true, Mr. Trump was a breathe of fresh air in a very muggy and musty environment.

Of the Democratic candidates, Mr. Sanders was an old unreconstructed Socialist and Mrs. Clinton was from the "what have you done for me lately" school of politics. Of the two I liked Mr. Sanders better, at least he told us all what he really believed, Socialism. On the Republican side there were 16 candidates for President, a number that still amazes me. I honestly think that if there have been fewer Mr. Trump would have had a much harder time of it.

Fortunately the man who became President was the best we have seen for quite some time. He has said good things about immigration and trade and most of us on the broad Right are hoping for good things to happen. For immigration to be restricted, for Free-Trade to get a big kick in the pants. We want America to be Great Again, even those of us who aren't American, because we want the same for our countries.

But what happens if those great things don't happen? What happens if Trump dies? Or is murdered? What happens if the Left and the Never-Trumpers get their way? What if President Trump is a huge disappointment?

Then everything ramps up to the next level, this is the last chance before everything turns bad. Everywhere in the West things are becoming polarized, every country is dividing into two, a Left country and a Right country. President Lincoln said a House divided against itself cannot stand, but the Bible says it better "Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand" (Mark 3:25)

Right now people on the Right are optimistic about President Trump and they should be, he's the best thing going at the moment. But that optimism is not unlimited and there are a few things that are a bare minimum. Illegal immigration must be cracked down on hard, the wall must be built and the American economy must start looking after the interests of the average American. We would like more but that is the bare minimum and if for any reason those things fail to happen them everything takes a turn for the worse.

Those on the Left and the Never-Trumpers think that this an aberration and that things will get back to normal with the next President. But things have gone too far for that. Most people have realised that Liberalism has lied, it promised things that simply have not happened. Many gave it the benefit of the doubt and now no doubt remains, they were tricked and they are as mad as hell about it. For many younger people they can see the difference between the way we are told the world works and the way it really does.

Either things get better or else things will get worse, but things will not stay the same, there is a lot riding on President Trump.

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  1. "Of the Democratic candidates, Mr. Sanders was an old unreconstructed Socialist"

    Actually was a Trotskyite communist.