Friday, 9 April 2021

Why We Will Never Win

I haven't wanted to write this because I don't want to think it, but I think that I have wasted enough time not writing about it. We spend a lot of time and effort trying to work out why things have gone so wrong. How did we get here? Why are we here? How do we turn things our way?

We concentrate so much effort upon the enemy, we think about them quite a lot. What about our side?

Why don't we concentrate our efforts upon us? Upon what we want the world to be like?

Because what we really like is complaining, pointing out how the other guy is wrong. Showing, at least to our self, that we are righteous and better than our enemies. Which is what we accuse them of being, because they are also guilty. But how often do we put in place plans for how we want things to be?

How often do we fundraise to support the causes that we believe in?

Do we organise or join groups?

But the real reason that we will never win is because we lack agency.

We expect someone else to do the work, we nearly always fail to support people who are doing the work. We criticize the way they do things. We find a reason not to get involved. Even when people do get involved they rarely want to do things and even rarer is the person who wants to do something and then follows through. I keep hearing about the Right wing threat that exists, in Australia there is currently a Parliamentary inquiry into Right Wing extremism. What threat?

How can the Right be a threat when we don't organise, fundraise or do anything?

The Inquiry will produce whatever outcome they want, it never had anything to do with us. It is irrelevant, I just wish we were also not irrelevant.

Until we get agency and decide to do things and support other people doing things we will never win. It's impossible.

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  1. To succeed politically you need to have not just a coherent plan but a realistic plan. It has to be a plan that actually has a realistic chance of being achieved. I think that's one of the reasons the dissident right/far right/traditionalist right has been so ineffective. They allow themselves to be distracted by hopelessly unrealistic ideas.

    The various dissident right/far right/traditionalist right groupings have a tendency to get into purity spiralling which leads them to embrace political objectives that are too extreme to be achievable.

    These non-mainstream right groups would have been better off trying to fight limited battles for limited but achievable objectives. A few minor victories would have been good for morale.

    No matter how desirable an objective might be it's pointless pursuing it if it's unachievable.

    1. Right-wing groups (like left-wing groups) and other sub-cultures do get caught up in purity spiralling. You may have great ideas and real charisma but you will get shouted down because your brother once worked with a homosexual. It's a pissing contest to show others that you are the truest of true right-wingers. Look at how John Derbyshire gets treated. He has done more for white identitarianism than nearly anyone in my lifetime but the people who might actually make a difference throw tantrums over his Chinese wife.

  2. I thought it was all quite obvious - white families are the only ones left with anything to lose. It all can be taken away from you forever with the blink of an eye, so people are wary of being uppity. In America and Europe, blacks have nothing to lose from rioting and violence - in fact they have much to gain. Aboriginals in Australia have much to gain from raising hell - in fact that grift is largely untapped. White, conservative, working-class Australian families still live incredibly well compared to most of the world. There is much to be unhappy about but until it all starts being taken away - we still get to live better than royalty did 80 years ago.